Welcome - Tiger Mass Gathering & 5K
A Tiger Gathering


Welcome to the Zoe Foundation’s awareness building event, the Tiger Mass Gathering & Run for the Tiger 5K. I invite you to help us focus awareness on the tiger’s plight and reach our stated goals. The tiger is running out of time.

We are coordinating a Guinness World Records attempt for the largest gathering of people dressed in tiger costumes. It doesn’t end there. We want our participants to gather in a Save the Tiger formation that will be filmed from the air. A Guinness representative told me they bring a ton of publicity along when they are on site to certify a new record. Our Save the Tiger formation could make the national news, focusing much needed attention on the tiger’s march toward extinction.

Following the Mass Gathering there will be a Run for the Tiger 5K Fun Run/Walk. The course will be USATF certified if some of you runners want to record a time. Timing will be handled by Precision Race. You can run/walk in your tiger costume if you like. There will be no overall or age group awards. This run is for fun. However, you will be running/walking for a very distinctive medallion. You must complete the 5K course to receive this award.

We are looking for 300 tiger lovers who will commit to doing a little peer to peer fundraising to help the Zoe Foundation further our goals and make this event possible. As a participant you make a commitment to raise a minimum of $200 for event entry. We are making that as easy as possible. Read the ‘How To’ on the Gathering Your Support page.

You know you would like to be a part of Guinness World Records event! Contact potential personal sponsors and get the lay of the land. You can probably make a determination about your ability to raise the $200 minimum very quickly. Tell your potential sponsors about their opportunity to win one of fifty signed lithographs! Direct your prospects to the Sponsor Incentives page. Remember, this event will be limited to 300 participants.

You only need 20 personal sponsors @ $10 each
and you have fulfilled your minimum fundraising requirement!

Unlike some fundraisers where participants can keep raising funds after the event, we are going to have a starting and ending date. From the start date, participants will have 90 days to reach the minimum $150 entrance requirement.

  • Selection of Participants. 300 selected before registration initiated.
  • Participant Registration - $35 (Not yet scheduled)
  • Dates selected for start and end of fundraising. 90 day period after last participant registers.
  • Gathering, 5K, and post run celebration: Date - Sunday, May 27, 2018. Venue to be decided.

You Can Do It!

You Can Become a Successful Fundraiser

Absolutely you can do it. To help your efforts, you will be able to create a personal fundraising page through FirstGiving. Read this page about gathering your support. We will direct you to the registration page after all participants are selected. Registration will be only $35. In addition, we have a Fundraising Suggestions page for your review.

To help secure support for your participation in this event, we have a Personal Sponsors Only drawing featuring fifty signed lithographs.

(Personal sponsors are those individuals who make donations on your fundraising page which you will set up on FirstGiving. You will not have to collect donations in the form of checks or cash. Nor will you be required to handle drawing tickets. That will all be done electronically. All donations will come through your personal fundraising page.)