Teams - Tiger Mass Gathering - A fundraising event for the Zoe Foundation


Organize a team. A team must have four members who remain the same throughout the event. Team members can encourage each other’s fundraising efforts. The top fundraising team wins a Dinner for 4 at the Second Empire Restaurant plus your team photo on a laminated commemorative.

Another reason to form a team is to help insure participation in the event. For instance, each individual agreed to raise the $200 minimum to take part in the record attempting event. Let’s say you’re a member of a four person team and member one raises $150, member two raises $200, member three raises $125, and member four raises $325. The team total is $800. You all get to participate even though two of your team members fell short of the $200 minimum. That’s because the team’s total minimum goal was $800 (4 x $200).

Get together a corporate team, a family team, a small business team – any team. Have fun!