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Survival At Risk

Carl Regutti

Carl sculpting SurvivalMr. Regutti puts the finishing touches on the tiger bas-relief sculpture Survival At Risk, the sculpture he designed for the Zoe Foundation’s fundraisers. Click images for enlargements.

Carl Regutti’s works-of-art are of international scope – collected in North America, Europe and Asia. Regutti was an extremely versatile sculptor with talents ranging from ultra-realism to abstract. He created art from monumental size to miniatures in classic bronze, pure silver, ceramics, stone, and polymerics such as bonded marble. Aristides at Churchill DownsHis prize winning sculptures range widely – wildlife, western & rodeo, equestrian, human portraiture, and corporate images. He has successfully created sculptural art projects and memorials costing $500,000. Mr. Regutti sculpted the life size bronze of Aristides, the winner of the first Kentucky Derby in 1875. The bronze resides in front of the historic clubhouse at Churchill Downs.

HEROISM & SACRIFICE – Remembering their dedication, Honoring their sacrifices by Carl W. Regutti was dedicated on May 6, 2006. Located in the center of historic Nash Square, Raleigh NC, the total Memorial is 50 feet diameter. The central sculpture “Heroism & Sacrifice” is comprised of four life-size bronze firefighters in a realistic action collapsed building fatal fire scene, uniquely the first time such has been created in a large prestigious memorial. One firefighter is dying, having been crushed by a fallen I-beam; a comrade is holding the fallen firefighter’s head and calling for help; another firefighter is struggling to lift off the heavy I-beam; and the fourth firefighter is using an attack hose to keep the fire away from the rest of the team.

Their realistic facial expressions add to the intense drama and impact of this unique Memorial. Designed for 360 degrees viewing, wherever a visitor stands, a face of at least one firefighter is always visible. The sculpture is also lighting engineered for night-time fire effects. Surrounding this central masterpiece sculpture is a brick wall with granite slabs on which is engraved the names of all North Carolina’s fallen firefighters, past, currently and will also have those fallen in future centuries… thus becoming a “living memorial”. This special Memorial is a “team development” of many people, companies and organizations… and was approved unanimously by the prestigious State Historic Commission and has already been recognized nationwide.

My friend Carl Regutti passed away on April 30, 2013. You can read more about Carl at Freedom Memorials.

     Carl and Jason

Survival at Risk Resin Casts

Survival at Risk Trio

The original Survival at Risk is 12.5″ high. Serra Designs out of Henderson, KY is going to produce a 6″ high resin castings of the original. Fundraisers raising $350 or more will receive a 6″ resin casting in the patina of their choice.

A fundraiser raising $3,000 or more will receive a full size, real bronze, limited edition Survival at Risk, valued at $2,100.

The only way anyone can receive one of these sculptures is through this event, and later, the Zoe Foundation. They will not be available through art galleries or stores. Corporate/Business sponsors click here.